Eco Living Green is part of leading team committed to procuring clean energy for our planet. Our business consists of Energy assessments for domestic properties, commercial properties and listed buildings. We have direct funding from the "big six" energy companies on the ECO scheme to install free boilers for those who qualify. For those who don't qualify the government has launched a new scheme called the Green deal where people who do not qualify for the ECO scheme can still install energy efficient measures without breaking the bank.

Eco Living Green is in a position to be able to produce EPC's, GDAR's for our customers on a national level and also install green deal and ECO-scheme measures in: Derby, Nottingham, Burton upon Trent, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Leed, Bradford and surrounding areas.



Do I qualify?

As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation (and you have your landlord's permission) you might be eligible for a 100% boiler grant to replace your old boiler.


What if I don't qualify?

If you aren't eligible for a 100% boiler grant there is an alternative solution and it's called the Green Deal Finance scheme.

Think of it as a loan against your home which you use to carry out approved and recommended home improvements...