Free External Wall Insulation

With the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, households carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their home can now get more money back to offset the cost of having the work done.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is offering up to £6,000 cashback on contributions made towards installing external wall insulation so people can take more control of their bills and have warmer, greener homes.

The scheme also entitles those who have bought a property in the 12 months prior to application to qualify for up to an additional £500 if they carry out energy efficiency improvements.

External wall insulation cuts heating costs considerably because solid walls let twice as much heat escape than cavity walls do. By insulating a home with solid walls, you can save up to £460 per year on heating bills according to the Energy Saving Trust.



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Do I qualify?

As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation (and you have your landlord's permission) you might be eligible for a 100% boiler grant to replace your old boiler.

What if I don't qualify?

If you aren't eligible for a 100% boiler grant there is an alternative solution and it's called the Green Deal Finance scheme.

Think of it as a loan against your home which you use to carry out approved and recommended home improvements...